Online Giving



Thank you for using the Liberty Church online giving option to join us in our mission of reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus. As many people enter into a new-found relationship with Christ, please know that it couldn’t happen without your generosity. We are truly grateful for your donation and hope the convenience and simplicity of online giving will be helpful to you.

Giving Options

You can choose to give one time or recurring to the church online using your debit card, or direct debit from your checking/savings account. We accept debit cards for the simple convenience of our contributors. We do not encourage credit purchases or debt as a lifestyle.


Give Online

Text LIBERTYBAC to 77977 and follow the link.

You can give cash during worship services or drop it off at the Liberty Church offices during normal business hours.

Checks or money orders can be given in three ways:

  • placed in the offering buckets or offering boxes during our worship services
  • dropped off at the Liberty Church Campuses
  • mailed to Liberty Church Main Office / Attn. Finance Dept. / 2221 S Blue Angel Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32506

If you would like to donate assets to Liberty Church, please reach out to us directly by contacting Cindy Bullard in our Finance Office at or 850-466-3008.

Stocks & Mutual Funds
If you are currently writing checks to your local church and favorite ministries, and you also have appreciated stocks or mutual funds in a taxable investment portfolio, you likely have a significant opportunity to pay less tax, give more, improve your personal cash flow, and simplify your giving.

Real Estate
Many property owners have a heart to give but feel hindered by limited cash flow and ever-growing taxes. If you’re one of them, we can help you leverage your real estate so you can send more to charity than you thought possible.

Business Interest
If you’re running a business, our Charitable Shareholder strategy allows you to donate a non-voting interest, receive a substantial tax deduction, and still maintain management oversight. Best of all, you’ll experience the joy of sending more to your favorite causes today. Or, if you’re one of the select entrepreneurs who has the opportunity to sell your successful company for a sizeable gain, we can help you maximize your sale … and your impact for charity.

Estate Planning
Everyone needs a will and an estate plan, regardless of your age or phase of life. Contact us to learn how to build your estate plan and learn to pass godly wisdom before dollars to those you value the most.

Vehicle Donation
Some vehicle owners would rather donate their vehicle to support their local church rather than sell or trade it. Please contact us to learn more.

Need More Help?

If we’ve left you with unanswered questions, call the church offices at 850-549-3240, or email us at