Life Recovery for Men

This group is for men struggling with sexual addiction, pornography, and/or infidelity.

Life Recovery for Spouses

This group is for wives of those men struggling with sexual addiction, pornography, infidelity and focuses on understanding, communication, reconciliation, boundaries and other concerns.

Grief Processing Group

A group focused on grief issues including death, divorce, losses, sickness, and other grief inducing events.

Anxiety & Depression

Focused on anxiety & depression issues in male and females. Will be looking at skill building, communication, and prevention.

Spiritual 12 Steps

Focused on recovery from addictions and other issues that interfere with living well using a Christian based 12 Step approach.

Trauma Recovery

Focused on recovery from the impact of trauma events in life that are impacted your quality of life. Healing and putting your life on a new path is the goal.

Marital Growth

Focused on healing marital discord and putting in place a marriage built on God’s plan for marriage.

Celebrate Recovery

A biblical program focused on healing and overcoming habits and hurts, as well as other areas that creating barriers to your Christian maturity and growth.


Join a Recovery Group

Confidential Request

Liberty Church endeavors to be “an oasis of love and hope in a world of darkness and hurt.”

It is our goal to provide relief and care to those who are suffering from life controlling addictions as well is to those family members and friends who have been affected.

Groups have incredible power to heal. This atmosphere of healing allows members to experience growth and the presence of God’s love. We were created for relationship and the group experience provides a sense of belonging, a sense of openness, a sense of support, a sense of self-expression, a sense of power and an increased sense of Christ’s presence.

Group therapy is effective treatment for a wide range of emotional and relationship problems.

We offer different groups throughout the year. Some will be ongoing, while others will have end dates.

Please contact us an let us know how we can help.